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CBD for Pets

We all love our pets, no matter how big or small, how loud or quiet, sleepy or playful, they add a wonderful quality to our lives that nothing else can compare to, and we love to spoil them for all the joy they bring us. One of the best ways you can show your pets you love them is by giving them something that not only tastes good but improves their overall health.

At Nocturnal CBD, we offer CBD products for pets in a variety of dosages and flavors for all types and sizes of pet. You can make sure your pet gets the daily dose of CBD that they’ll look forward to and benefit from in a variety of ways.

How is CBD for pets different from CBD products for Humans?

The ingredients and extraction process are the same in CBD products for pets as they are in CBD products for humans. We have flavored our pet-specific products so your pet will look forward to seeing you head for their food or water bowl with the CBD tincture bottle in hand.

Is CBD safe for both dogs and cats?

Although there is a lot of anecdotal evidence proving the safety of CBD products for pets, currently there are no scientific research studies to back up pet owners’ experience. However, there are thousands of pet owners out there who swear by the positive change CBD has made in the life of their pet or pets, from reduced pain and inflammation to relief from separation anxiety to putting a pep in the step of an older pet. Even though there is not yet an official ruling from the FDA to back up these pet owners’ experiences, there are many who give their pets CBD treats and tinctures daily as part of their diet either as a preventive measure or alternative medicine for pets, and plan to continue to do so.

How to introduce CBD to your pet

- Dinner time

Be sure to follow the serving size posted on the label, as they are directly tied to your pet’s weight, and you want to be sure to give the correct amount. One of the easiest ways to give your pet CBD products for the first time is to mix it in with their dinnertime meal. Since it comes in flavors that dogs and cats like (who doesn’t love bacon, right?) it won’t be hard to get your pet to learn to love CBD.

- After walking or playing

Another easy way to introduce CBD to your pet is through their water or treats you take along on your daily walk or have nearby during play time.

- As part of training

Most animals are motivated by foods, and even more so by treats. When using a treat to help motivate your pet to respond to commands like sit, stay, come, heel, roll over, and shake or high five, choose a treat that they will crave and one that adds the benefits of CBD, like our Steak Bites, Crunchy Cat Bites, or Dog Bones. You can even add a drop of CBD oil to the treat to make it even more attractive and motivating for your pet.

Why choose us?

There are a lot of new CBD products out there to choose from, but when choosing a product for your pet you need to know it’s safe and healthy. All the products offered in our online store are formulated by pharmacists, and we invest a lot of time and care into them. Our goal at Nocturnal CBD is to provide our customers with top quality products that are designed deliver all the natural goodness of CBD in an easy to use format.

We are a “one stop shop” for all your CBD needs including delicious and healthy alternative medicine for pets and our team is dedicated to providing you with a wide array of quality products that fulfill all your needs, as well as the needs of your four footed friends. Always seek your doctor's advice before using any supplemental dietary product, and check with your veterinarian before introducing CBD products for pets to your furry friends.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your CBD needs, and are dedicated to providing you with a wide array of quality products that fulfill all your needs.

Parker, Colorado